Hey y'all hey

I have had the concept for this podcast and community for years now, but I let so many things get in the way, some concerns real and valid and others more of an excuse. The Boss Babes and Podcast Bros make it seem like all you had to do was hit record on your voice memo app and wahala your voice and opinion, whether informed or not, is out there for the world to consume. In an arena that seemed so oversaturated, I wondered if what I had/have to say mattered, would it make a difference? Then I remembered the me that has been on this healing journey and where I was 5 years ago, and how much it would have meant to me to hear from someone who had done the work and come out on the otherside. Even if this podcast is just meant for me, it is worth it. I hope you find something worthwhile in what I have to share, too.

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